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Keep Cards – Eco cards you can keep and frame

Keep Cards – Eco cards you can keep and frame

Please keep and frame me!

We wanted to produce a greeting card that would be considered an environmentally friendly alternative to the standard greeting card and a keepsake for your friends or loved ones.

Keep Cards are printed on a heavy art paper, 350gsm with pigment inks making them ideal to keep and frame. Each art card has been designed with a border to allow for framing with a matt board. All you need to do is cut the back off the card and have it framed.

Our range of Keep Cards offer custom inside messages too - please click here to view our range of these art cards.

Difference between pigment inks and standard digital print

Many people find it hard to tell the difference between pigment and dye-based inks (standard digital print).

Pigment-based inks are best suited for art and designs, due to advanced strengthening to sunlight and longevity of the ink on quality paper types.

Pigment-based inks are also considered archival, meaning these inks are of the highest digital print quality. Using quality papers and Pigment inks are designed to resist colour fading, no banding and exceptionally high resolution.

  • Pigment ink delivers longevity.
  • Pigment ink is better prepared for sunlight/fading.
  • Pigment ink has less smudging potential.
  • Pigment ink is more expensive.